Wednesday, 29 May 2013

About My Family

Today I'm writing about my family. My mom's name is Karen. My dad's name is Mano. My sister's name is Mika.

I love my mom's food. It smells so good when I walk into the kitchen. When I come home from school the food smells so good.

On Saturdays me and my sister eat noodles. Yum Yum that's my favourite food.

When my dad comes home from work me and my sister hug him. I love him so much. He barbecues the best kabobs. They are so good, I love them so much! After we are done supper we sit in the living room and we relax. It's so nice.

When I go to bed my dad sometimes reads Little House on the Prairie to me.

When I go to school I love looking through the window into Ms. Stansfield's room and look at my sister. I talk to her when I'm on the van. I love playing with her.

the end.

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