Wednesday, 29 May 2013


this is my first time ever on a horse!

Me (6mos) and my mom on Shadow at Jane's Farm

Today I'm writing about horses because a horse is my favourite animal.

For two years I have gone to riding camp at Stratford Fox Run.

I like horse back riding. I know how to horse back ride on my own. I even went to a show and rode there - I tied for 1st place in my class.

My mom works at horse shows in the Summer and I see my friend ride. When I visit my mom at the horse shows, for lunch I eat hamburgers or hotdogs.

I like going to horse shows!

About My Family

Today I'm writing about my family. My mom's name is Karen. My dad's name is Mano. My sister's name is Mika.

I love my mom's food. It smells so good when I walk into the kitchen. When I come home from school the food smells so good.

On Saturdays me and my sister eat noodles. Yum Yum that's my favourite food.

When my dad comes home from work me and my sister hug him. I love him so much. He barbecues the best kabobs. They are so good, I love them so much! After we are done supper we sit in the living room and we relax. It's so nice.

When I go to bed my dad sometimes reads Little House on the Prairie to me.

When I go to school I love looking through the window into Ms. Stansfield's room and look at my sister. I talk to her when I'm on the van. I love playing with her.

the end.


My favorite restaurant is: The spaghetti factory in
Toronto. All you eat is spaghetti!

My Second favorite restaurant is: oh so good. So many
Sweets so good and you get soooo hyper!

My Third favorite restaurant is: Louis' pizza. They put fancy stuff on your pizza, even letters [your name]. On your birth day speakers come on and they sing happy birthday to you!

My Fourth favorite restaurant is: East side Mario’s because I love Italian food!

My Fifth favorite restaurant is: the pepper garden  because I love the lezania that they make it there.  

Saturday, 9 March 2013


I am the best ones
It comes out of my purse when I need it.
But when I do come out,
I get nothing but sun!
If it were not for me
you would hurt your eyes.

Guess what I am?
(provide your guess in the comments please)


I am typing about myself and how awesome I am! And of course how awesome my Friends are too. 

I play with them every day and they are so fun to play with.
They are my best friends in the whole entire World!

They are both fun to play with!

And just saying I like monkeys!

My nick name is cookie Virginia’s nick name is candy
Margo’s nick name is coin. I like our nick names!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Skating On The Sen's Ice

Why are we there?
Because we take skating lessons and they offered a party at the ScotiaBank Place for everyone involved in the I Love To Skate Program.

What did you do at ScotiaBank Place?
First we changed into our skates, put on our helmets and then put on our Sens Jerseys!! Then went out to skate on the ice.

How did you feel while out there?
Very happy! Excited!

What was the most exciting thing?
Seeing Spartacat !

What did you do after you skated?
We had Pizza, juice, veggies and fruit - and CAKE with our group.

What was the most exciting thing after skating?
watching Brian Wilson, the Cowguy. He was very funny!

Enjoy some pictures from my morning.

me getting a hug from Spartacat

Mika, my sister, meeting Spartacat - she was so excited!

Me and Mika
Me helping Mika skate

Video of us on the ice

The Cowguy

Enjoying the Cowguy

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fun At The Governor General's

On Saturday we went to the Governor General's for a Winter fun day. I loved it! Here are some pictures to show you what we did.

The dark fur around her hood is wolverine and the light fur is wolf. It is so soft!

I can't wait for the ride to start!

My mom was a 'musher' on the sled behind us. I think she was a little too excited!

It was so cool and exciting! That's my mom controlling the sled behind ours.

The dogs are very beautiful but definitely not pets!!

Our team won the race! We are a team of 8 people on one set of skis. The Norwegian embassy brought them.

This is when we were getting instructions on how to ski with so many people.

This is my sister, Mika, and my dad.
here we're practicing our left and right


Mika cheering for her team!

Such a fun day!

At the Embassy of the Netherlands, where my Oma is from, we had delicious pea soup. I LOVE SOUP!

We also ate taffy on snow. It sticked all over my clothes.

The hot chocolate with marshmallows warmed me up.

We also tried Kicksledding. We don't have any pictures of us doing it but it looks like this

My parents also tried the shooting part of a Biathlon. My mom needed 5 shots to hit 5 targets but my dad needed 6.