Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fun At The Governor General's

On Saturday we went to the Governor General's for a Winter fun day. I loved it! Here are some pictures to show you what we did.

The dark fur around her hood is wolverine and the light fur is wolf. It is so soft!

I can't wait for the ride to start!

My mom was a 'musher' on the sled behind us. I think she was a little too excited!

It was so cool and exciting! That's my mom controlling the sled behind ours.

The dogs are very beautiful but definitely not pets!!

Our team won the race! We are a team of 8 people on one set of skis. The Norwegian embassy brought them.

This is when we were getting instructions on how to ski with so many people.

This is my sister, Mika, and my dad.
here we're practicing our left and right


Mika cheering for her team!

Such a fun day!

At the Embassy of the Netherlands, where my Oma is from, we had delicious pea soup. I LOVE SOUP!

We also ate taffy on snow. It sticked all over my clothes.

The hot chocolate with marshmallows warmed me up.

We also tried Kicksledding. We don't have any pictures of us doing it but it looks like this

My parents also tried the shooting part of a Biathlon. My mom needed 5 shots to hit 5 targets but my dad needed 6.

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