Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Skating On The Sen's Ice

Why are we there?
Because we take skating lessons and they offered a party at the ScotiaBank Place for everyone involved in the I Love To Skate Program.

What did you do at ScotiaBank Place?
First we changed into our skates, put on our helmets and then put on our Sens Jerseys!! Then went out to skate on the ice.

How did you feel while out there?
Very happy! Excited!

What was the most exciting thing?
Seeing Spartacat !

What did you do after you skated?
We had Pizza, juice, veggies and fruit - and CAKE with our group.

What was the most exciting thing after skating?
watching Brian Wilson, the Cowguy. He was very funny!

Enjoy some pictures from my morning.

me getting a hug from Spartacat

Mika, my sister, meeting Spartacat - she was so excited!

Me and Mika
Me helping Mika skate

Video of us on the ice

The Cowguy

Enjoying the Cowguy

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  1. Really great blog Ashwyn! I love reading about what you've been up to!!